Two Furrow Reversible Plough

AGROKING IMPLEMENTS INDUSTRIES, manufactures and supplies world class Two Furrow Reversible Ploughs that are made from premium quality materials. Our two furrow reversible ploughs are appreciated for

  • Operated basic implement for preparation of land
  • Hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition
  • Heavy-duty clearance allows the plough to operate under heavy crop residual
  • The left and right side and automatically reverses the position
  • Outstanding penetration
  • Under frame and unit-to-unit clearance
  • Perfect alignment of the plough beams
  • Special wear resistant steel bottoms

Two Furrow Reversible Plough Technical Specifications :-
Legs 32 mm MS Plate Cutting
Pankha 8 mm MS Plate Cutting
Weight 260 Kgs. (Approx.)