Medium Duty Rigid Tiller

AGROKING IMPLEMENTS INDUSTRIES, is a trusted name when it comes to world class Medium Duty Rigid Tillers that are made from quality wear resistant spares. Our Medium Duty Tillers are praised for.

  • Quality tested materials sourced from the most reliable suppliers
  • Joined mostly through jigs, fixtures & dies
  • Joining accuracy
  • Interchangeability

Following are the Specifications of Medium Duty Rigid Tiller :-
FRAME 65x8mm (Angle) Box Frame 65x8mm (Angle) Box Frame
TYNES 75X25mm Flat with Rakab ( U Clamp) 75X25mm Flat with Rakab ( U Clamp)
SIDE SUPPORT 100X12 mm Flat 100X12 mm Flat
SHOVELS En-45, 10mm En-45, 10mm
FRAME BOLT 18X65 mm 18X65 mm
THREE POINT LINKAGE 65X16 Front 50X16 Rear 65X16 Front 50X16 Rear
HEIGHT 25.5 25.5"
LENGTH 79" 97"
WIDTH 30.5" 30.5"
WEIGHT 242 Kgs. (Approx.) 295 Kgs. (Approx.)